mercoledì, novembre 17


Vamos a la Playa Teaser from Hector Ferreño on Vimeo.

C'è chi per avere un po di mare se ne va a Ostia, ci sono invece 7 ragazzi, tra cui la Pipe Gang milanese, che per andare al mare, quest'estate, si sono fatti 1500 km tra cui i pirenei, partenza da stoccarda arrivo a Barcellona, tutto a scatto fisso.

"This is a journey of a group of seven fixed gear riders who decided to take the hard way from Stuttgart to Barcelona by bike.
About 1500 Km of hills, countryside, nature, sea and a lot of fun. We left Stuttgart at 23th July and arrived in Barcelona at the 02nd August. The whole trip was documented by film and photo and here’s the trailer for the upcoming DVD and Photobook package."

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